Том Кэллахан

International Secretary and International Relations

International Secretary Tom Callahan

Kancho (Chairman of Kyokushin-kan) Hatsuo Royama and his Honbu (headquarters) office presides over the Kyokushin-kan International Karate Organization. Mr. Takaaki Enami is Honbu’s general secretary, ultimately responsible for International relations, although he is currently focusing primarily on domestic (Japanese Branch) operations, a focus that resulted in the creation of “International Chairman” and “International Secretary.”

Shihan Hennie Bosman, chairman of the Kyokushin-kan International Committee, has been approved by Kancho to act as “International Chairman” in order to facilitate relationships between Honbu and world branches. Shihan Hennie Bosman subsequently appointed USA Chairman Shihan Tom Callahan to act under him as “International Secretary” to assist in these operations. This appointment was approved by Honbu. International Members experiencing difficulty contacting our International Headquarters may contact either Shihan Bosman, or Shihan Callahan at shihancallahan@gmail.com.

Tom Callahan has been involved in the martial arts since 1972 starting at Mattson Academy’s Uechi-Ryu Karate in Boston. He studied for 4 years in Uechi-Ryu under Shihan Al Wharton, before turning his attention to boxing, where he trained for 2 years. He returned to the martial arts in college where he trained and taught with the martial arts college club. He took a break from training as he built his career in the music business and returned to training in mid 90’s in Kyokushin Karate studying under Shihan Patrick Fard in IKO-1. Shihan moved over to Kyokushin-Kan in 2008 and holds the rank of Yondan (4th dan), the honorific title of “Renshi Shihan” and he is the elected Chairman of Kyokushin-kan USA.